Bisso Construction Services (BCS) is uniquely qualified to deliver results for our industrial and construction clients. From their origin, Bisso companies have cut their teeth as full service marine contractors. Working in the dynamic and unforgiving offshore and marine environment for more than 130 years, Bisso learned early on that projects must be carefully planned and managed, workers must be skilled, reliable and safe, and no detail can be overlooked.

BCS brings this knowledge, experience and professionalism to its energy, petrochemical, LNG, midstream, industrial, construction, fabrication and maintenance services. Specializing in electrical, mechanical, heavy construction, natural disaster response and government services, BCS is a full solutions provider. BCS also provides emergency equipment installation and maintenance, infrastructure emergency repair and reconstruction as well as industrial and commercial restoration.

With a 2017 and a 2018 TRIR of 0.00 for both years and a trailing five-year average TRIR of .16, BCS delivers safe and quality work. We demand the same quality, reliability and safety from our workforce whether we are serving as the prime contractor or simply as a manpower provider.

BCS supplemental labor services includes highly skilled craftsmen for industrial, commercial, and oil and gas welding applications for both carbon steel and alloys. BCS also provides specialized mechanical, electrical, fabrication, instrumentation, construction, environmental, supervisory, safety, and inspection services, for onshore land based as well as marine applications. Whether you need help with short term or long-term projects, BCS can supply your project with the skilled craftsmen you need for a successful project.

Let us put our professional service, proven safety performance and experience to work for you.


BCS’s Vice President of Operation and partner is a decorated US Navy combat veteran and the company proudly supports our troops, actively recruits and welcomes veterans of all branches of the United States Armed Forces.

At BCS, our goal is to attract, develop and retain the best and brightest employees so that we can deliver the best solutions for our clients. To achieve that goal, we have developed a culture of inclusion where individuals feel respected, are treated fairly and are given an opportunity to excel in their career path. We value the diversity of our employees and the unique perspective they bring to the workplace. At BCS diversity includes not only age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, ethnicity, and educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, but also the markets, geographical locations and clients we serve. Our core value is to treat everyone – whether employees, clients, subcontractors or vendors – with the utmost fairness and respect.


The Mission of BCS is to continue as a pacesetter in the markets that we serve, while providing our customers with unparalleled safety, quality, efficiency and productivity. We are committed to the absolute safety of ALL people associated with ALL aspects of the company and its projects. BCS is equally committed to doing its part to respect and preserve the sanctity of the environment and the fragile ecosystems in which we work.

As our historical performance illustrates, BCS is committed to the growth and development of the company. We continually seek to improve our performance and productivity by melding technological advancements with more than 130 years historical experience.

USFCR Verified Vendor